Fees and Services

Fees (indicative only)

1 Introduction of whistleblowing system – Japan

Number of employees Fees per month
less than 10 from JPY10,000/month
10- 99 from JPY15,000/month
100 – 999 from JPY20,000/month
1,000 and more from JPY30,000/month

* Fees include the following services.

2 Introduction of whistleblowing system – Global

We will provide you with a quotation based on jurisdiction, number of employees, and methods (e-mail, telephone etc.).

Our Services

Our services include the following.

1 Establishment of a whistleblowing hotline (e-mail, telephone and mail)

We provide support to set up a whistleblowing hotline that meets the client’s needs. Whistleblowing hotline can be contacted in multiple languages via e-mail, telephone and mail.

2 Preparation of rules (policies, guidelines, etc.) on whistleblowing system

When establishing a whistleblowing system, it is important to introduce rules on whistleblowing. These rules include the following items.
・How to make a whistleblowing report
・Clarification of the protection of whistleblowers
・Handling of personal information. It should be drafted in compliance with GDPR and personal information protection laws of each country, which is especially required when personal information is reported to a head office in another jurisdiction.

3 Seminar and webinar

It is important to ensure that employees are thoroughly informed of the whistleblowing system. In general, it is necessary to distribute the whistleblowing policy to employees and conduct seminars and webinars to explain the details of the policy.
It is recommended that seminars and webinars be conducted targeting different level of audiences (management, all employees, etc.) in Japanese and other local languages.

4 Report on whistleblowing report

We will consult with the client to determine the method and language of our report. While we generally make a written report, important and urgent matters can be reported promptly by telephone, online meeting, and other means.

5 Discussion with the client on initial response to reports of high importance

For a whistleblowing report, the initial response is very important. When a report of high importance and urgency is received, our lawyers with extensive experience in this field will set up a meeting with the client to determine the initial response to the issue.
If any legal action is required after the first meeting, a separate quotation will be provided.

6 Ongoing education and training for employees

We recommend conducting training for new employees as well as training on regular basis (such as once every six months or once a year) to ensure that employees are thoroughly informed of the whistleblowing system.
We provide ongoing employee training and seminars and webinars to keep the employee informed of the whistleblowing system, in a way that meets the needs of our clients.